I love Books. I love reading. I love history. I had a dream that one day I would write a novel. One wet cold afternoon, I started. I wasn’t sure if it was a possibility as I had only written letters before. Images flowed through my mind as I started to write and I was on my way. 165000 words later, ‘The Effects of Henry’s Cage’ was born. My dilemma was what do I do now? I joined the local Writer’s Group and a member put me in touch with an editor. I appreciated all her comments and suggestions. I was now on a journey to turn my work into something that perhaps others would enjoy reading. Joining the local Writer’s Group opened the door to short story writing. This became a vital part of my journey.

My roots are in Dunedin. My ancestors arrived on the ship ‘Larkin’ the 9th ship to come to Dunedin. Their journey became my journey and it suited the background for ‘The Effects of Henry’s Cage.’