CARGILL’S CASTLE…commissioned by Edward Bowles Cargill was built in 1876. Dunedin. New Zealand. The Castle is positioned on St Clair Hill facing the Pacific Ocean. After several owners and its remarkable history it now stands in ruins…A reminder to the people of Dunedin of its once illustrious past when Dunedin led the country as leader of New Zealand’s commercial and  industrial centre.

ANDREW…from a small child dreamed of owning Cargill’s Castle and restoring it to its former glory. A generous legacy from an uncle made this possible. When the builders moved in they found, in what was left of the rafters, a painting of a beautiful woman. Little did Andrew know how this painting would impact on his life and the life of Jess, a researcher from Otago Settlers Museum.

            The memoirs of Jessica Christie, born 1862, held the key to the mystery of the painting.

                                                         It was a story that needed to be told.

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